Cortik is a fan-fic crossover story of Huntik and Monsuno created by TenguShredder25. It aired on August 1, 2015. The series focuses on a new team, Cortik Team (it's Huntik Team and Core-Tech merged together) and on new protagonist, Leo Hawkins.


After Huntik Team defeated Blood Spiral (Huntik Season 2 last episode) and Core-Tech defeated Hand of Destiny (Monsuno Season 3 last episode) merged together and formed a new team, Cortik Team. Soon after that a new member joined the team, Leo Hawkins. Jeredy Suno gave Leo his newly created Monsuno called Griffin.


Season 1 Opening Theme Odd Episodes (first part)

Season 1 Ending Theme Even Episodes


Cortik episode listing (season 1)



  • Cortik's name comes from words, Core-Tech and Huntik (Cor- from word Core-Tech and -tik from word Huntik)

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