Return of Heroes is first episode of Cortik (series). It aired on August 1, 2015. 


Cortik Team has got their first mission. It was to find a Gaia-Titan, Iguanio. Leo, Lok, Sophie, Zhalia, Den, Harrison, Cherit, Chase, Jinja and Bren toke part in this mission. They flyed with Evo to Cortik's aircraft with what they arrived at Amazonian Rainforests. After the searching the clues to find a Titan, they found a big goblet. After that arrived new enemies, Necromancers. During the battle Cortik Team retreated, fired-up a goblet and run into secret passage that oppened after firing-up the goblet and blocked the way so the Necromancers couldn't get in. Suddenly Necromancers got in and both teams started 2nd battle. Leo toked Iguanio's amulet, summoned it and retreated again, and got away with Evo. Still the questions remains, what was the Necromancers, why they were there and what hides the doors with symbols of 5 Tribes of Destiny that Leo saw before he taked Iguanio's amulet.



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